Terms of Service
  2. These Terms of Service ("TOS", "Terms", or "Agreement") govern the use of all services, features, and content provided by MU Secret. By creating your account and accessing our services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to fully comply with this TOS. The most updated version of this document is always available on the MU Secret website. We suggest you carefully review this TOS before registering or using any service(s) of MU Secret.

  4. 1.1 - The administrative team of MU Secret consists of volunteer individuals, all of whom are legally capable. It is important to note that these members do not have any personal or professional affiliation with the original developer of Mu Online, Webzen, or its employees. This service is therefore a private server of the same game, managed independently.

  5. 1.2 - The primary responsibility of the team is to ensure the efficient and continuous operation of the server, covering technical issues, financial support, community interactions, and other relevant areas. However, it is important to note that there may be situations where team intervention may not be necessary or feasible.

  6. 1.3 - By agreeing to the terms of use of MU Secret and creating your account, the user grants the administration the right to manage their account, which may include changing data provided at the time of registration that is not in compliance with server rules. Additionally, the administration reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend the user's registration in case of rule violations, both in-game and on any community platform managed by the administration. However, it is important to note that the administration does not have access to the user's personal data, such as email, password, and IP address, provided at the time of registration.

  7. 1.4 - If a player is suspended, they have the right to appeal once for a review of the suspension by the administration. This review will be conducted to determine if the penalty was applied correctly or if there was any mistake. Additionally, the suspended player has the right to request a copy of the article that resulted in their suspension, along with evidence of the infraction committed. Review and information requests can be made through the support system on Discord, via the ticket system.

  8. 1.5 - While our goal is to keep the server operational 24 hours a day, we reserve the right to temporarily shut down the servers to perform necessary maintenance to ensure the proper functioning of equipment and programs. These maintenances may be scheduled in advance as needed.

  9. 1.6 - It is important to emphasize that all information related to your account is the property of MU Secret, ensuring the security and privacy of user data.

  10. 2. SECURITY
  11. 2.1 - MU Secret does not assume responsibility for the security of usernames and passwords. Players are responsible for protecting their own accounts. It is crucial to never provide your login or password on sites other than MU Secret's official website (https://musecret.net). Disclosure of this information results in the loss of account items and even the account itself, with this violation being at the user's own risk.

  12. 2.2 - Any issues arising from the sharing of accounts, passwords, or personal information, such as in cybercafés, are solely the responsibility of the registered account user. The support team will not provide assistance for problems that may arise on the account due to information sharing.

  13. 2.3 - Logging into accounts not owned by you is prohibited. If this occurs, your computer's hardware ID will be registered on the user's account, resulting in computer banishment in case of account banishment. This rule also applies to cybercafés and computers in schools or libraries.

  14. 2.4 - We will not provide support to users who use IP hiding, proxy, or any third-party programs. By becoming a member of MU Secret, you agree to receive the server newsletter which may be sent monthly.

  15. 2.5 - Character and guild names must not contain administrator nicknames or any other term that may confuse players. Additionally, the use of biased or derogatory names in any form is prohibited.

  16. 2.6 - It is the player's responsibility to ensure the security of their own account by following the support team's guidelines, such as regularly changing passwords and keeping security software up to date. Administration does not intervene in problems arising from the player's negligence regarding account security. Lost items or stolen Wcoins/Credits will not be reimbursed.

  17. 2.7 - MU Secret is not responsible for item damages or character attribute regressions caused by internet connection issues. By registering on the website, the user agrees to the terms of use in effect on the server, and claiming ignorance of the rules will not be accepted as justification for unlocking the account, character, or reimbursement of losses.

  19. 3.1 - In the virtual environment of MU Secret, various communication systems are available, allowing players to exchange messages with each other. However, due to the possibility of displaying different types of content, both the in-game chat and other official networks have their own rules and prohibitions established to promote mutual respect and conscientious use of the tools.

  20. 3.2 - The use of the in-game chat or Discord text channels to disseminate hate speech, xenophobia, racism, pornographic content, personal insults, and other forms of intolerance is strictly prohibited, as established by the Brazilian Federal Constitution. We acknowledge the importance of players' free expression, however, punishments will be applied to offenders in cases of slander, defamation, or when disrespectful, unnecessary, or excessive comments are made in or out of the game regarding any player. Penalties for violations range from a 5-minute chat block to permanent suspension of the account(s). The administrative team reserves the right to regularly check chat logs to enforce penalties, even if the target of the offense has not directly complained.

  21. 3.3 - Disclosure of private Mu Online servers within MU Secret or associated social networks is unacceptable. The penalty for this violation is permanent suspension of the player by IP.

  22. 3.4 - Using special characters (ASCII, HTML, ...) that significantly hinder reading or make it impossible in an online environment is not allowed. The penalty for this infraction ranges from a 5-minute chat block to a 7-day suspension of the character in question or their account.

  23. 3.5 - Representing oneself as an administrator of MU Secret, as well as using names that could be interpreted as such (GM-xxx, ADM-xxx, ...) is strictly prohibited. The penalty for this infraction is permanent suspension of the player by IP.

  24. 3.6 - It is explicitly prohibited to interfere with the routine activities of any partner of MU Secret while they are performing their duties, such as videos, live streams, etc. Penalties for violating this term range from a 3-day block to permanent suspension of the player's account(s).

  25. 3.7 - It is absolutely forbidden to defame any partner of MU Secret while they are performing their duties, such as in videos, live streams, etc., through the in-game chat. Penalties for breaking this rule can range from a 3-day block to permanent suspension of the player's account(s).

  26. 3.8 - Spreading false, unfounded, and/or rumors about the server, partners, and/or their administrators with the aim of defaming those involved or disrupting the proper functioning of the services offered in the game is permanently prohibited. Penalties for violating this rule range from a 1-hour chat block to permanent suspension of the player's account(s) on all MU Secret platforms and services.

  27. 3.9 - Falsifying, tampering with, or forging evidence, such as screenshots, audio recordings, etc., with the aim of deceiving the game's authorities and causing unjust and unnecessary punishments against someone is prohibited. Penalties for violating this rule range from a 7-day block to permanent suspension of the player's account(s).

  28. 3.10 - Creating situations that prevent third parties from fully enjoying the game's events and activities is strictly prohibited. This rule does not apply in situations where PvP is inherent, expected, and even essential, such as in Castle Siege, for example. If a player is AFK (away from keyboard), this rule does not apply to them. Penalties for violating this rule can range from a 1-day block to permanent suspension of the player's account(s).

  29. 3.11 - Any form of promotion of unofficial trade groups or communities through MU Secret's official communication platforms is strictly prohibited. Penalties for violating this rule range from a 30-day block to permanent suspension of the user's account(s) from the official platforms.

  31. 4.1 - The purchase, sale, and trading of accounts and items for real money or for any other game server are strictly prohibited. The penalty for violating this policy may range from temporary suspension of the account(s) to permanent suspension by IP of the player and associated accounts.

  32. 4.2 - All accounts of MU Secret, items, and any content related to MU Secret are the property of the administrators, reserving the administration the right to move accounts and characters without prior notice.

  33. 4.3 - If someone is caught buying, selling, or trading items for real money within or outside of MU Secret's official channels, such as community chat (Facebook, Forum, Discord, etc.) and within the game, this will result in permanent banning. This means that if someone is found selling MU Secret properties on any social network, such as Facebook, Twitter, any game forum, or any buying, selling, and trading website, etc., their character(s) and account(s) will be banned without prior notice. It is also prohibited to advertise the sale of characters or accounts on platforms provided by MU Secret, including the game, Discord, Twitter, Facebook, etc. The penalty for violating this policy may range from temporary suspension of the account(s) to permanent suspension by IP of the player.

  35. 5.1 - All donations made to the server are non-refundable. It is important to note that purchasing credits and making donations are distinct activities. We DO NOT sell credits and ONLY accept donations made voluntarily by the account user. Each donated amount comes with its own Wcoin/Credit rewards as a way to acknowledge the contribution to keep the server running with its monthly expenses.

  36. 5.2 - Any donation made is non-refundable under any circumstances.

  37. 5.3 - Whether you are a one-time donor or a hundred times, it makes no difference; you will be treated the same as any other player who has not made donations and will receive the same type of support.

  38. 5.4 - There will be no distinction among players, meaning both donors and non-donors will receive the same treatment.

  39. 5.5 - If rules are violated, donors can also be banned like any other player. It is important to note that, in case of rule violations, donors are not exempt from punishment and can be banned.

  40. 5.6 - If a donor is banned for any reason, all items in their account(s) will be locked along with the account. Additionally, there will be no return of these items under any circumstances.

  41. 5.7 - MU Secret administration does not issue refunds for any digital products and services after the order has been submitted.

  42. 5.8 - Refunding a donation will only be done if the requester proves that the virtual currency compensation contract was not fulfilled by the server. Outside of this circumstance, there are no other possibilities for a refund. Any attempt at false donation or cancellation after reward delivery will result in permanent account blocking.

  44. 6.1 - It is strictly prohibited to use hackers, cheats, or any other means that may provide personal advantages or harm other players. The penalty for violating this policy may range from temporary suspension of the account(s) to permanent suspension by IP of the player.

  45. 6.2 - Exploiting or taking advantage of any system bugs or failures to gain advantages in MU Secret is prohibited. It is the player's responsibility to alert the administrative team about the existence of the problem. The penalty for violating this policy may range from suspension for up to 31 days to permanent suspension of the account(s).

  46. 6.3 - The use of fake guilds to occupy spots in Castle Siege events is prohibited. Players must inform the administrative team for removal of the offending guild. The penalty for violating this policy may range from simply freeing up the spot in the event to suspending the members for 31 days.

  47. 6.4 - Registering guilds that are allies and exceed the limit of 2 guilds per alliance is prohibited. In summary, only two guilds can be allied in competitive events like Castle Siege. Any other allied guild that exceeds the alliance limit established in the game (exactly two guilds) will be disqualified from the event without prior notice.

  48. 6.5 - Any agreement or pact within competitive events, such as Castle Siege, between guilds that are not declared allies in the game and exceed the limit of two guilds per alliance is prohibited. If it is identified that a third or more guilds effectively influenced the outcome of the wars, the involved guilds will be penalized and prevented from registering for the next events for 3 weeks.

  50. 7.1 - Cases not mentioned on this page will be analyzed by the administration, which will decide what measures to take, including applying punishments if necessary. We advise users to use common sense in situations of doubt regarding what is prohibited or allowed within the server.

  51. 7.2 - The rules and terms of use listed here are subject to change without prior notice from the administration. We recommend that users periodically visit this topic to stay informed about any changes.

  52. 7.3 - Users should consider Discord and the website as primary sources of data and essential information for gameplay. They should be aware that various features of MU Secret, such as success rates, have been altered to provide better balance and fluidity to the virtual environment. As it is technically impossible to display actual data within the game, it is up to the player to confirm them externally using the mentioned sources. MU Secret administration will not be responsible for item loss due to the player's incorrect use of in-game tools, the functioning of which has already been guided through official communication channels.

  53. 7.4 - The administration will only analyze any infractions that have occurred within a period of 6 months prior to the date of reporting through our official channels. After this period, the infraction will be considered obsolete, and the team reserves the right to discard it, as the system is not capable of storing records for judgment for an extended period.

  55. 8.1 - The banning or suspension of user accounts that violate the game's rules will not result in compensation for material or moral damages in the judicial sphere. This is due to the fact that all virtual content present in the game is the property of MU Secret, and there are no charges or fees for using our services.